Terms and Conditions

Entry and Advertising Release: In consideration of the foregoing entry, car owner, family or guest agrees to permit Torres
Empire (hereby known as “TE”) and anyone connected with the aforementioned production the use of their name and
pictures, and pictures of their cars for publicity, advertising and commercial purpose(including
newspaper,magazines,radio,and TV) before, during, and after the events, and do hereby relinquish any rights to publish or
sell or otherwise dispose of said photographs to TE and other management of the event. Personal information will not be
sold to third party vendors.
LIABILTY, RELEASE,INDEMNITY AND INSURANCE: In consideration of then acceptance o the rights to participate,
entrants, participants and spectators by execution of this entry form RELEASE AND DISCHARGE, you (the undersigned)
must agree to assume sole responsibility for your property damage, loss, bodily injury, or death occurring during, or in
connection with (a) your presence of this Event or its premises, and or (b)any item, service, facility or activity provided by,
or any act or omission of, TE and anyone connected with the management of presentation of the event (regardless of
where or where occurring). By your signature below you hereby fully and finally agree TO RELEASE AND HOLD
HARMLESS TE and anyone connected with the management of presentation of the event, and their affiliates,
shareholders, members, directors, officer, representatives and employees from any and all claims that you, or others on
your behalf, may have at any time with respect to any of the above assumed property damage, loss, personal injury or
death, even it caused by the side or joint negligence of the foregoing released persons, and thus expressly agreeing to
INDEMINIFY all of the forgoing entries, firms, persons and bodies of any and all liability occasions resulting from conduct
of any person or action not under the director of control of TE or the EVENT Management. Motor Vehicle Exhibitor
entrants agree to provide TE with a copy of the declarations page for the motor vehicle insurance policy covering such
entrant’s vehicle to be exhibited (signing below does verify you do have a current vehicle insurance policy that meets all
the minimum requirements set forth by the state of Texas). By signing below you further agree to abide by all rules of he
Event. If you have minor children accompanying you, please identify them. By you signing this agreement, this release
and hold harmless shall also serve o similarly release any and all claims for liability against the foregoing released
persons by such minor children or on their behalf for any claims that they may have, even caused by the sole or joint
negligence of the forgoing released persons.
Automatic Disqualification: No entry can start their vehicle, move their vehicle or operate their hydraulics in any manner
during the EVENT. Entrant will be held fully responsible and liable for any damage that may occur from movement of
this/her vehicle. Loud music form the exhibitors is strictly forbidden. Bad sportsmanship or bad conduct will be
disqualified without refund and possibly removed from the show. JUDGING SHEETS WILL NOT BE GIVEN OUT.